Episode 29: Simple Solutions to Improve Your Health, Stress Levels and Digestion with Heather Young

Heather Young, 500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher & Certified Yoga Therapist – has a lot of experience working one on one with clients and helping them achieve balance in more ways than one.

She might even have the solution to take your health to the next level – when it seems like Nutrition just isn’t enough.

Keep in mind: It’s never just about one ailment, problem or issue – it’s all connected & we’re diving into a new approach you may never have considered before.

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Diving into the 4 Main Pilars:

… and the role they play when it comes to impacting your longterm health, stress levels and digestion. & What you can do about it. 

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Episode 13: Developing a Healthy Mindset with Amanda Huggins @thefeistyyogi

critical conversations podcast episode 13 - amanda huggins - @thefeistyyogi

Have you ever pushed yourself for the sake of commitment – until you realize you’ve pushed yourself too far? We can push ourselves over the edge & develop unnecessary stress, anxiety, overwhelm and even illness in our lives because of it. As we discuss in this episode – Health is about so much more than just what’s on your plate and how often you’re working out.  Your mindset around the life you’re living – is truly everything.

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You can eat all of the organic salads you want and sign up for all of the marathons – but if you’re not doing the inner work – diving deeper into who you really are and what makes you the happiest – then you’ll never achieve the potential you’re capable of.

Amanda Huggins, aka @thefeistyyogi – joins us as our FIRST GUEST on the critical conversations podcast as our newest co-host and she’s here to expand the conversation around mental health, anxiety and self worth.

She started her career in tech startups, transitioned slowly into yoga, became a certified yoga teacher and has now found her calling – diving deeper into the realities of mental health & how your perspective of it all is affecting your life.


She’s expanding the conversation around health in a way we’ve never discussed before & I can’t tell you how important her message truly is. After working in the ER for the past decade – I’ve had the opportunity to work with thousands of people. If I’ve learned anything, it’s this –

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