Episode 027: The Coffee Episode – A Sustainable, Healthy & Ethical Conversation

Your daily cup of coffee holds more power than you think - Critical Conversations Podcast Episode 27

“Do better, once you know better” – Maya Angelou – because it’s all about making small changes once you’ve learned something new and giving yourself the chance to upgrade your routine, not only for your health, but for the health of the planet as well.

Join us for a Sustainable, Healthy & Ethical conversation around all things coffee – with Heather Young & Jennifer Klotz of shechangeseverything.com

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When we polled you on instagram about Coffee, these were the results:

  • Do you drink coffee everyday?
    • 69% of you said YES – 31% said NO
  • Do you ever choose to drink decaf instead?
    • 33% of you said SOMETIMES – 67% of you said NEVER
  • Do you add any sort of creamer or drink it black?
    • 38% of you drink it BLACK, 62% of you add some sort of CREAMER
  • Have you ever heard of the Swiss Water Process (diving into this in episode 028)
    • 31% of you said YES – 69% of you said NO (we can’t wait to tell you about it!)
  • Do you drink a full glass of water before coffee?
    • 58% of you said “Most of the Time” – 42% of you said “Sometimes/Never”

That being said … here’s what you’ll discover in this episode:

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Episode 15: Sustainable, Healthy, Ethical choices simplified – with Heather Young & Jennifer Klotz @shechangeseverything

Critical Conversations Podcast Episode 15 - Heather Young Quote

 When you make small – Sustainable, Healthy, Ethical – changes that matter, over time, it truly can change everything.

Simply becoming aware of the changes you can make is all we ask. Making an impact with the information you discover along the way is up to you!

listen to this episode  on iTunes, Spotify, or directly – using the player below.

& a direct link to the events mentioned in this episode can be found HERE.

We only scratch the surface of the conversation in this episode – discussing plastics, Lyme disease, autoimmune conditions, the invisible chemicals making you fat, formaldehyde, and the clothing you didn’t know was labeled as “toxic waste” before it made it to your closet.

Sisters Heather Young & Jennifer Klotz are the faces behind the truly impactful website: shechangeseverything.com & hosts of the incredible events you may have already heard of, known as SHE DAY. The event will be hitting four major cities across the U.S. in 2019 – you can catch a glimpse of this incredible day, most recently hosted in PHOENIX by checking out this inspiring recap. & Listen closely, because there’s a discount code offered specifically for podcast listeners – in this episode!

They’re here to inspire you, encourage you, provide you with the information you need – to make simple changes that matter.

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