Episode 025: Healing Hypothyroid + Hashimoto’s Through Holistic Living, with Carly Johnson Brawner of @frolicandflow

Like most of us – her story is personal. After struggling with her health for years, Carly was in pursuit of a proper diagnosis to uncover the cause of her symptoms over 5 years ago.

It didn’t happen overnight, but she was ultimately diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, a very common autoimmune hypothyroid condition. It’s then, that she became increasingly passionate about pursuing answers and identifying the root cause.

In this episode: We discuss her health journey pitfalls and successes – including the top 6 changes she made – to heal from the inside out. & If you’re just here to get access to her Healing Hashimoto’s Course opening up July 2019 – GET MORE INFO HERE.

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“I had to own my state and know that no one was going to do this for me, because my health is my responsibility. That’s when everything began to improve” – Carly Johnson Brawner of @frolicandflow



  1. Find a doctor with a root cause approach.
  2. Expand your awareness of the healing power of foods. Consider going Gluten Free and see how it makes you feel.
    • There’s something known as “Molecular Mimickery” when it comes to eating foods that contain gluten which may be harming you. Carly explains, there are proteins in gluten that resemble proteins in the thyroid – it’s often best for all people with thyroid issues to eat a gluten free diet.
  3. Heal your Digestive System – Focus on “gut health”
    • Work with a qualified provider to look further into your digetive health – issues such as candida, SIBO, leaky gut and even parasites may be contributing to imbalances leading to overall inflammation – triggering  autoimmune disease such as Hashimoto’s.
  4. “Optimize” your medications based on labwork.
    • the typical prescription for a patient with hypothyroid is usually levothyroxine or synthroid. These are T4 only medications.
    • T4 and T3 are two different types of thyroid hormones. T4 is inactive and converts to T3. T3 is active and is the hormone that is actually used by the body. However – if your body is struggling to convert T4 to T3, a T4 medication won’t serve you very well. A medication mixed with T4 + T3 might be a better option to discuss with your doctor – or even an all T3 medication might be the best option for you. Always discuss any medication changes with your provider.
  5. Get off hormonal birth control – Do your research, there are many alternatives.
  6. Change Your Mindset. Your Health is Your Responsibility.
    • No one can do this for you, and it’s going to take work, but it’s worth every step.

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While taking a medication is no one’s first choice, it can be a beneficial first step to restoring normal levels of thyroid hormone, feeling better, and reducing the hypothyroid effects on the body.  In the least, thyroid meds can be a stepping stone to the healing process!

These questions are meant to help thyroid patients advocate for better care, show their doctor they understand their disease, and get a gage of their doctor’s approach. The answers to these questions may show you that you have an amazing physician or they could show you that you may need to consider finding a new doctor.

Carly has also recently launched an online

“Healing Hashimoto’s” Course – Focused on empowering Hashimoto’s patients to work better with their doctors to understand their disease and really begin to build a blueprint for healing, longterm.

Next course begins July 2019.

Details available HERE to join the waiting list and even land a discount if you sign up for priority enrollment. Space is limited and you won’t want to miss it.

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