Episode 024: Body Posture, Technology Habits, Your Health & What You Can Do About It with Heather Young of @SheChangesEverything

Are you sitting up straight? … I’ll give you a minute to adjust.

If you didn’t move – I can guarantee you’ll straighten out just a little bit more and maybe even put down your phone for a while after listening to this incredible episode with Heather Young.

She said something powerful about 12 minutes into this conversations that you’ll want to remember:

“You’re changing how life comes at you,

based on how you carry your body posture.”

– Heather Young 

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With this entire episode – keep in mind:

You don’t always have to spend lots of time or money and make big investments in order to make a difference in your health, long term.

It can really be just as easy as sitting up a little straighter or logging off and getting outside. Bending over to touch your toes a few minutes a day or paying attention to the signals your body is sending you.

A lot of times we end up chasing new health modalities or trends that end up wasting a lot of money or time – and what we discuss in this episode – does not. It’s really all about getting back to the basics and doing SIMPLE things on a daily basis, to create lasting habits that will actually benefit your life long-term

Heather has great videos & a blog post you can access to deepen your awareness of body mechanics and adopt simple practices to help improve your posture & overall well being from here on out.


A Simple Strengthening Treatment for Tech Neck

With this simple treatment for tech neck, start with one breath, and then work your way up to 3 sets of 10 slow, controlled breaths. Your future self will thank you!

Reverse Tech Neck With This Simple Neck Strengthening Exercise

SHE Moves: Fix Your Neck!

The True Cost of Bad Posture

Bad posture creates health risks in everyone. It differs on where it puts the greatest strain on your unique body.


  • We spend 42% of our day looking at screens. That’s 6 hours and 43 minutes daily – or 7,956 days of your life. Think about how crazy that is.
  • Your posture changes how you feel by elevating or decreasing your mood.
  • It also changes how people see you, whether or not they take you seriously and whether or not they choose to show you respect.
  • Proper Body Mechanics are simple: chest up, shoulders back, head held high – creates an immediate sense that your proud, confident and ready to take on anything life throws your way.
    • Begin to slouch, and it creates the exact opposite effect.
  • Bad posture stresses your heart and has been linked to promoting heart disease in a 20 year study.
    • From the 4,000 men studied – those who had the worst posture had a 64% higher risk of coronary heart disease.
    • Bad posture reduces space within the thoracic cavity for the heart, it puts pressure on the brain stem and negatively impacts the nervous system – which can also effect our blood pressure.
  • The weight of our head puts a huge strain on our neck (cervical cspine) the further forward it falls – think of every inch as an additional ten pounds to hold.
    • The cervical spine is not built to hold your head forward for long periods of time – they’re meant to stack on top of each other.
    • For every inch that your head is forward past your shoulders – the weight held by your neck increases in 10 pound increments.
    • Dowager Humps are a compensatory mechanism due to the longterm strain of bad posture

There’s a lot you can do about it – 30 second exercises that Heather walks you through in this episode included. She also shares more insight in these videos. Not to mention, easy daily habits that can help improve your health for the rest of your life that we discuss deeper in episode 24.

Think about it – Before the bad posture movement we were actually out and about using our body mechanics the way they were built to be used. That’s before all of these “technological advances” overcomplicated our sedentary lives.

Don’t wait for the statistics to apply to you. Do something about it. Starting TODAY.


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Heather Young @shechangeseverything

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