Episode 22: Celery Juice, Intuitive Eating, & The Thyroid Issue No One is Talking About, with Jennifer Klotz, MS, RD, LDN

CELERY JUICE – seemingly the most well known food “fad” of 2019. With this episode, we’re shining light onto both the risks and benefits of celery and so much more.

Falling victim to food trends is the first step away from listening to what your body needs – which is why we’re also diving into what intuitively eating really means, while also discussing some really interesting thyroid issues you don’t want to miss.

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& if you’re excited to learn even more after listening – be sure to check out this AMAZING and crazy informative, well researched post – written by Jennifer Klotz herself on the SHEchangeseverything site, HERE.

Ultimately, we’re hoping to leave you feeling open minded, well educated and inspired to move forward with the daily habits that are truly working for you.

REMEMBER: We’re all unique.

What works for one person might not work for you.

& What works for you – Might not be the right answer for others. 

CELERY JUICE USERS BEWARE: there are risks associated with daily consumption of such a large amount of celery on a daily basis – and we’re here to make sure you’re aware of both sides of the story.

Are you taking any prescription medications?

Do you have a history of thyroid issues? Digestive Issues? Sensitivity to the Sun?

… you really need to listen to this episode to understand how celery juice might be (negatively) effecting your health, long-term. Even if it’s making you feel great – right now.

Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Work towards knowing where your food is coming from and understanding that nutritional quality depends on how it was grown, how long ago it was picked, and how it was processed, before you buy it. Use fresh, organic celery when available. Conventional (non-organic) celery is heavily contaminated with pesticides and has been on the EWG Dirty Dozen List for years. 

  • 92% of All Americans have at least ONE nutrient deficiency. Known to cause a multitude of health issues, beginning with: cramps, joint pain, headaches, skin issues, fatigue, sleep issues, inflammation, bleeding of the gums, autoimmune conditions, etc.

  • Being deficient in just one nutrient throws your body out of balance and leads to chronic health issues if left unaddressed, long term.

  • This is why adding something new to your diet with a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals to your morning routine will make you feel instantly better. (This doesn’t have to just be Celery Juice. It can be water, a smoothie, a salad, anything nutrient dense!)
  • A high quality multi vitamin can instantly change how you’re feeling within just 3 days. Think of it as a “light switch effect” as it corrects your deficiencies and positively impacts the way you feel.

9 out of 10 Americans are deficient in Potassium

7 out of 10 Americans are deficient in Calcium

8 out of 10 Americans are deficient in Vitamin E

Celery just so happens to be a great source of nutrition for each of these vital nutrients, but so are a variety of other fruits and vegetables. We don’t have to rely on just one ‘magical’ food for all of our nutrition. The magic truly lies within the variety of foods available to us.

Last but not least, think of it this way:

We have become so disconnected from knowing what our bodies need – that we just end up doing, what everyone else is telling us to do.

We’ve learned to ignore the symptoms our bodies are having based off the “popular” knowledge of what’s good for you and what’s bad for you. It starts in early childhood based on cultural expectations of how much we should eat of which types of foods.

It’s a downward spiral from there.

In this episode we hope to inspire you to listen to your intuition, above all else. Be skeptical, first. & Only do what truly works for you.

It doesn’t hurt to try something new, just be honest with yourself when it comes to paying attention to how it’s making you feel.

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