Episode 19: Create & Cultivate Authentic Happiness From Within – With Amanda Huggins

The tone and theme of this episode is: kindness, simplicity and sharpening your inner perspective to cultivate happiness from within. We hope to lead YOU towards creating a happier life, a happier way of being, a happier way of perceiving the world around you, authentically.

Enjoy the simplicity of your day to day.

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Takeaways …

  • We’re here to help you to:  Establish balance.
  • Remind you to: Be kind.
  • Encourage you to: Interact with the world around you differently as your inner perspective & mindset begins to shift.
  • Let go of the victim mentality and begin to create and cultivate authentic happiness from within.

Release the grip.

Create ease in your life by letting go of the strict structure, the complicated schedules and overbearing routines of societal expectations.

Amanda Huggins is back from Bali and is here to shatter the notion of “perfection”, while using the tools she’s developed to help others see the real, raw, authentic potential within…with more ease, less anxiety, and a lot more fun along the way.

It might be cliché of us to say this, but: PERSPECTIVE, is truly everything.

As we talk about in this episode:

what you focus in on – you’ll create more of in your life

This saying holds true in all aspects of life. Negative energy and negative thoughts will create more of the same. Same goes for a positive outlook on life.

Like attracts like. 

Learn to see the world around you differently by shifting how YOU react to the people and situations that are presented to you.

With this episode – we share personal stories, simple life lessons, and hope to motivate you to create this shift in your life that we’ve both been so lucky to cultivate in ours over the years.

cultivate happiness - critical conversations podcast

& as mentioned at the end of this episode, Amanda is no longer able to be found as “the feisty yogi” on social media. She has decided to rebrand and focus in on the message she’s most passionate about and has rebranded to support the work she is doing in a clearer way. You can now find her on instagram at @anxietytoempowerment.

… and find details about her upcoming Costa Rica Retreat in May, HERE.

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Be the change you wish to see in the world.


We’re here for you.


your host, Briana Reesing @CriticalConversations

Amanda Huggins @anxietytoempowerment



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