Episode 16: Is It Willpower, Or Is It Your Microbiome? Discussing The Foods & Lifestyle Habits That Are Effecting Our Gut Health On A Daily Basis – with Brigid Titgemeier

Gut Health is one of the major key factors we should all be aware of when it comes to learning about our long-term health & we’re only just beginning to understand  – as a society – how intricately related the balance of our microbiome is to our mood, our energy and even our immune system.

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Did you know that your microbiome actually begins to develop before you’re even born, while you’re still in-utero?

There are many factors we can’t control – such as the  health of our mothers before giving birth, whether or not we’re born via c-section or a regular vaginal delivery as well as what type of foods we’re raised on and exposed to throughout our life. However, there is still so much within our control that we’ve been overlooking for too long & we hope, that with this episode – we will encourage you to take your power back – before it’s too late.

In this episode:

Antibiotics, processed foods, refined sugar, prescription medications, pesticides covering conventional produce & all of our community parks, sterile work and home environments, as well as a lack of exposure to the outdoors, fermented foods, willpower, calorie counting, prebiotics and probiotics that all play a role in our long term health.

FUN FACT: Within 3 days of changing your diet – you can alter the balance of your microbiome for better or worse.

The foods we eat are providing more than just nutrients, vitamins and minerals – they’re also providing the potential to feed or starve certain bacteria living within our digestive tract.

Fecal Transplants – can be a true form of preventative health or powerful method of treatment for gut dysbiosis by transferring the bacterial balance of one person’s digestive tract and into another. But it’s not the first option & it shouldn’t be the only solution available to us.

SIMPLY PUT: Get back to eating a balance of eating a variety of real whole foods to avoid creating any type of imbalance long term.

Gas, bloating, diarrhea or constipation are all symptoms that what you’re eating isn’t working for you. You need to dive into that. Begin looking for the root cause and stop seeking out just a quick fix for your symptoms.

You have control over your digestion by the things that you do and the foods you choose to eat.It’s not just about sugar and alcohol and calorie counting any more.

According to Brigid – Diet can be traced back to almost every form of disease that exists as we know it today.

As always –  getting your bloodwork done at baseline and seeking out a naturopath or functional medicine doctor if you’re not getting the answers you’re looking for with your traditional PMD because these types of doctors will be willing to dive deeper into testing and the questions that they’re asking you.

Take Action:

  • Think about things broader than just diet.
  • Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Health is at the foundation of our overall health.
    • Begin addressing your Stress Management through lifestyle changes while adapting to new techniques (meditation, yoga, breathwork, journaling, etc.)
  • Look deeper into the driving changes:
    • Our genes haven’t changed overtime – our food environment and microbiome as a result of that has.
    • It seems as if we have less “willpower” with the growing obesity epidemic.
    • It’s not a willpower problem – it’s actually a problem with the foods that we’re exposed to.
    • Change your food “norms”from what you believe to be acceptable to what is actually nourishing and healing you.
    • We don’t spend enough time outside: Getting outside can have a positive impact on both your mood and microbiome immediately.
    • Decrease the added sugars that you’re consuming and your sweet cravings will actually diminish
    • Begin looking closer at your labels
    • Artificial sweeteners are impacting our bodies similarly to if not worse than regular added sugar.
      • Changing bacterial shifts in the same way that sugar causes diabetes
      • Chemistry is causing changes in your microbiome leading to disregulation in blood sugar while altering your food cravings and providing no nutritional value.
    • Eat your fruits and veggies – more non starchy vegetables than fruit
      • Limit your fruit intake to 2-3 servings per day
    • Grab something else first before you grab the sweet treat to see if you can satiate your cravings with something more nourishing first.
    • Reanalyze the things that youre cleaning your homes with
    • Kids that are raised with dogs/cats in the house are less likely to have allergies because they’re exposed to a wide r variety of beneficial bacteria at a younger age
      • Over sterilization is a huge problem. The cleaning products we use in our homes are having a huge impact on the health of our microbiome
    • Leaky gut- can be measured by the serum marker called zonulin – which indicates separations of the ‘tight junctions’ in your gut lining
  • If it’s in a package – take a second, everytime – to turn it around and read the labels. If there are more chemical ingredients than there are real food ingredients – you shuld consider not buying it again
  • Increase the variety of the fruits and vegetables you’re eating – more color. Eat the rainbow. Pay attention to the colors on your plate.
  • Manage your stress . it’s wreaking havoc on our digestive system, microbiome balance, food cravings and long term health outcomes
  • Make changes in your life when and where possible
  • Get outside & get exposed to your outdoor environment
  • Find a hiking trail, explore a nearby park, book a trip to somewhere new.

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