Episode 15: Sustainable, Healthy, Ethical choices simplified – with Heather Young & Jennifer Klotz @shechangeseverything

 When you make small – Sustainable, Healthy, Ethical – changes that matter, over time, it truly can change everything.

Simply becoming aware of the changes you can make is all we ask. Making an impact with the information you discover along the way is up to you!

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We only scratch the surface of the conversation in this episode – discussing plastics, Lyme disease, autoimmune conditions, the invisible chemicals making you fat, formaldehyde, and the clothing you didn’t know was labeled as “toxic waste” before it made it to your closet.

Sisters Heather Young & Jennifer Klotz are the faces behind the truly impactful website: shechangeseverything.com & hosts of the incredible events you may have already heard of, known as SHE DAY. The event will be hitting four major cities across the U.S. in 2019 – you can catch a glimpse of this incredible day, most recently hosted in PHOENIX by checking out this inspiring recap. & Listen closely, because there’s a discount code offered specifically for podcast listeners – in this episode!

They’re here to inspire you, encourage you, provide you with the information you need – to make simple changes that matter.

Heather Young, C-IAYT, RYT 500-E – has her Master’s in Communication, a love for journalism and impactful content development, as well as a 500-hour certified yoga teacher & Yoga Therapist passionate about functional movement.


Jennifer Klotz, MS, RDN, LDN – has her Master’s Degree in Nutrition and works in Los Angeles as a Registered Dietitian & Holistic Nutritionist. Her professional experience will bring so much insight to the conversation we’re having around health, which is why she has been deemed our expert in holistic healing. She specializes in infertility, intuitive eating, hormone imbalances, adrenal dysfunction, eating disorders, gut health, and food sensitivities. Most importantly, she has a true passion for seeking out the root cause of the problem. In her opinion, our health issues can almost always be associated with the invisible chemical exposures burdening our bodies that we just haven’t discovered yet.


That being said, if you’ve been listening from the beginning – you already know that FOOD has a huge impact on our health. So, with each new episode, these girls will be diving deeper into how our daily habits, products, and purchases are contributing to your life while inspiring positive change and solutions along the way.


THINK plastic water bottles& going plastic free, polyester clothing, microfiber contamination, caffeine, synthetic fragrances, mold, organic food (and clothing too), GMOs, lyme infections & co-infections, chronic conditions, food intolerances and invisible toxins hiding in all of our daily lives – that you may have never thought of before.


Keep in mind…

It’s impossible to uproot your routine and CHANGE EVERYTHING overnight.


We get that. 

And yet, we also know from our own personal experience that it’s also very possible to start today by educating yourself first and then shifting your habits by making small, sustainable changes, when possible, that will last over time.


We’re in this together.


And we’re here to have the conversations no one else is talking about or finding solutions for!


Don’t hesitate to join in and let us know what you’re excited about, confused about, or inspired by. We always love hearing from you and read every comment and question you guys send our way!

– Briana Reesing –


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