Episode 13: Developing a Healthy Mindset with Amanda Huggins @thefeistyyogi

Have you ever pushed yourself for the sake of commitment – until you realize you’ve pushed yourself too far? We can push ourselves over the edge & develop unnecessary stress, anxiety, overwhelm and even illness in our lives because of it. As we discuss in this episode – Health is about so much more than just what’s on your plate and how often you’re working out.  Your mindset around the life you’re living – is truly everything.

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You can eat all of the organic salads you want and sign up for all of the marathons – but if you’re not doing the inner work – diving deeper into who you really are and what makes you the happiest – then you’ll never achieve the potential you’re capable of.

Amanda Huggins, aka @thefeistyyogi – joins us as our FIRST GUEST on the critical conversations podcast as our newest co-host and she’s here to expand the conversation around mental health, anxiety and self worth.

She started her career in tech startups, transitioned slowly into yoga, became a certified yoga teacher and has now found her calling – diving deeper into the realities of mental health & how your perspective of it all is affecting your life.


She’s expanding the conversation around health in a way we’ve never discussed before & I can’t tell you how important her message truly is. After working in the ER for the past decade – I’ve had the opportunity to work with thousands of people. If I’ve learned anything, it’s this –

Mindset. Perspective. How you see & interpret your world – can have a major impact on your overall health, wellbeing & longevity of your life.

With each episode, we will continue to dive deeper & expand the conversation. Amanda will help us get there. Learn more about her at www.thefeistyyogi.com

& if you reach out to her on instagram or directly to discuss what she can offer you via her private coaching programs – let her know you found her on the critical conversations podcast.


Let’s expand this conversation & community. TOGETHER.

Thank you for listening, I’m happy you’re here.


Briana Reesing, RN , BSN, CEN



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