Episode 12: Things Change . People Change . Don’t Let That Stop You

Thank you so much for your patience – we took a VERY LONG summer break and figured some things out for ourselves as we adapted to change.

💙 You’ll learn more, once you listen . Big changes are happening .

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oh & about that image / quote above …

it’s extremely applicable not only to this episode – but to all of our lives in general. make it your life’s motto .

Saying “NO” isn’t always the easy part – but it sure does feel good when that THING you can’t stop thinking about – is no longer serving you, you feel yourself dreading it and/or you no longer have space for it.

We challenge you to think about this today & everyday in your life .


Things change. DO THE THINGS that light you up .


& walk away from certain things if it no longer feels right.


most importantly – this isn’t about giving up . 



It’s about focusing in, on what’s most important to you at this time of your life .



Welcome back . What do YOU want the next episodes to cover?? . The list of ideas is constantly growing and your input always matters!! 


Seriously …. what are you confused by? What are you intrigued by? What are you dying to hear more about???? please don’t hesitate to comment below. 💙


x, bri. your host.


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