Episode 8: Is our Microbiome & Gut Health – The Root Cause of most Diseases?

Leaky Gut.




Food Sensitivities.

Probiotics …

There’s a chance you may have heard these words mentioned in recent conversation with your doctor, coworker, friend or possibly even on social media. But, do you truly understand why “gut health” is such a hot topic of conversation lately?



With this episode, we hope to help you understand the microbiome on a deeper level while leaving you with tangible tips and tricks of what you can do about it – how to avoid the things that may be harming you – and how to replenish the good bacteria in your body that’s trying to help you thrive and survive.

Our microbiome is most easily defined as the bacterial cells living on us and in us – think: on our skin and in our stomach/intestines, mouth, nose, and vagina.

At minute two – Laura shares our “FUN FACT OF THE DAY” discovered by the University of Colorado – Did you know that there are potentially anywhere from ten to one-hundred trillion microbial cells living in and on us as humans?

Most people aren’t aware of the fact that bacterial cells outnumber us individually to that level – but, it’s true and so powerful when it comes to the potential variables within our long-term health.

The study mentioned above also references a statistic we find fascinating: They reported something along the lines of discovering that within 20 minutes of birth, infants born vaginally have a richly developed microbiome resembling that of their mother’s vagina. Where as, infants born via c-section conversely do not show the same type of microbiome, their microbiome is more likely to closely resemble that of the bacterial variety only present on their mothers skin.

In this episode, Laura & Briana dive deep into the factors that can alter the healthy balance of your microbiome beginning at birth an extending into adulthood. It all begins with the way you were born (c-section or vaginally, breastfed or bottle fed, did you have a pet growing up as a child? Take multiple rounds of antibiotics? Use hand sanitizer on everything? ) . There’s no right answer – because most of that was out of our control, but it’s what we can do about it now that matters most.

It all comes down to daily exposures, medications, antibiotics, stress and so much more that you might not otherwise realize are affecting your health on a daily basis.

In summary – your gut helps to balance your immune system, mood, cognitive abilities, digestion, hormones…. Everything inside of us that we didn’t realize we had much control over until now

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