Episode 7: Antibiotics, Gastrointestinal Issues & long-term Birth Control use – Laura Gluck of FitAsGluck – Dives into her Personal Health Issues & Navigation of the Standard American Healthcare System.

In this episode, Laura Gluck of www.fitasgluck.com shares her personal story with us for the first time. Ironically, it starts just like anyone else & we have a feeling you’ll be able to relate. It begins … when she was born. Healthy. Strong. Without Complications. Until a multitude of childhood infections led to multiple antibiotic prescriptions, resulting digestive issues, ovarian cysts, birth control, gallbladder surgery, hospital admission for sepsis – and so much more.

Laura takes us through her personal medical history and reveals how, what seemed to be a moment in time, was the middle piece of a very complex puzzle. She starts by explaining parts of her history she didn’t realize were so important or so connected to other areas of her health until recently.


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From labs showing glucose intolerance, elevated stress hormones and altered thyroid function, to casually being put on oral birth control to manage symptoms at age 15, no questions asked. We realize now how connected it truly all was.

More than a decade later – after taking “the pill” without knowing any better – Laura discusses the various research she has since uncovered linking her seemingly harmless prescription pill to potentially be the cause of her gallbladder issues and multitude of other digestive symptoms when she was younger.

As always, we encourage you to do your own research and continue to seek out answers to your questions for yourself.

For your reference, here’s the article about gallbladder disease and certain oral contraceptives that Laura refers to in this episode: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3091897/

It’s because of this complex history – that Laura decided to explore her own health under a new lens, while employing the listeners to truly understand the risks associated with medications.

Ultimately, while discussing their own health histories in episodes 6 & 7, Laura Gluck & Briana Reesing – the co-hosts of this podcast – hope to remind each of you listening to approach your health story holistically – while being mindful of bio-indivduality, realizing that the risk/benefit of each medication, diagnosis  or treatment decision will be different for each person.

Nothing in life is a one size fits all, especially when it comes to health and the treatment prescribed.

In this episode, Laura helps to bridge the gap to make her primary message extremely clear – everyone has their own story & although it’s possible to learn from eachother’s experiences, we also need to approach our own health in our own way – while figuring what solution works best for you, individually.

Never stop pursuing what ‘health’ looks like to you – as we hope to inspire each and everyone of you to persistently learn, educate yourselves and expand your knowledge around your health. That is, after all – at the core of why we show up for this podcast every week.


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*LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The information in this podcast is to be viewed as general knowledge and is not a substitute for professional medical help. Our opinions are our own and do not reflect that of our employers. We are registered nurses, not doctors, pharmacists or nutritionists.

We are providing general information and are here to open up conversation on heath care related topics. The content found here is our educated opinions and, should you require medical assistance, we urge you to seek medical professionals who are equipped to give you the personalized care you need.


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2 Replies to “Episode 7: Antibiotics, Gastrointestinal Issues & long-term Birth Control use – Laura Gluck of FitAsGluck – Dives into her Personal Health Issues & Navigation of the Standard American Healthcare System.”

  1. Hello there! Enjoying the podcast so far 🙂 in this episode Laura mentioned that she started eating a certain way in which to regulate her periods after birth control. Can you share some resources for where to find information like that, or did she speak her to health care practitioner about it? Thanks!

    1. Hi Christine! We plan to do an entire episode on birth control soon as this was a very hot topic during this episode! We highly recommend you discuss this with your PMD or GYN before making any changes in medication you might currently be on. We will share our personal stories and experience with coming off birth control and what we learned in the process soon!

      Thank you so much for listening, we truly appreciate it!

      – bri & laura –

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