Episode 6: Stress, Inflammation & Microbiome Disruption – Getting to The Root Cause of Your Symptoms with Briana Reesing @beachlifebri

We’re all unique – with our own health history, symptoms and life events.

In this episode, Briana Reesing of www.beachlifeorganic.com shares her own personal story of what it takes to get to to the root cause of the symptoms & signals your body is showing you.

We dive deep  – in hopes of motivating you to seek out answers for the symptoms you may be having before it’s too late.

It’s not always easy to get a clear diagnosis when the symptoms you’re having are vague or infrequent.

But, that doesn’t mean you should give up.

Be your own best advocate, listen to the signals and symptoms your body is showing you and begin to dial into those.

Briana shares her own personal ‘journey’ of autoimmune issues triggered by increased stress in her adult life accompanied by a multitude of factors that had been leading up to the problem for years before the symptoms began presenting themselves.

She was getting married, buying a house, fighting to stop a termite fumigation of her house, and working full time as a charge nurse of a busy ER when her body began shutting down.

Keep in mind – that although your story or symptoms may not be anything like the symptoms Briana was experiencing – doesn’t mean there isn’t something we can all learn from one another’s story, experience, symptoms, or solutions.

In this episode Briana mentions going to an urgent care, dermatologist, allergist and naturopath – all of whom were integral parts of her diagnosis. Without each visit and tests performed there’s a chance the ultimate solution for her problems may have never been discovered.

With that being said – we can’t encourage you enough to continue to seek out medical attention if you’re having even the littlest of symptoms. Don’t give up if the first doctor you see doesn’t seem to see eye to eye with you. As Briana shares, the dermatologist she saw may not have agreed with her approach of wanting to discover the root cause of her symptoms – but ultimately he did agree to order a few of the tests she felt were necessary to begin searching for the cause.

If we learned anything from this year long process of uncovering the root cause of Briana’s issues … it’s this:

There is power in discovering what is at the root cause of your symptoms.

Prescription medications may be a necessary tool to utilize as a short term fix – but keep in mind – they are not the cure. They do not address the root of the problem & it’s up to you to consider seeking out answers about your health in order to solve and reverse the trigger causing it all.

In Briana’s case – after struggling with depression and social isolation due to her symptoms – she began strictly following a 3 month guided elimination diet, in which she was ultimately able to uncover the trigger behind all of her symptoms:  GLUTEN.

This took time, extensive journaling, symptom tracking, and truly committing to the rules of the diet. It was not restrictive by any means – as the goal is not to lose weight – but to uncover potential triggers and allergens in the foods you may be consuming on a daily basis.

Discuss with your doctor if an elimination diet might be right for you.

The book Briana used to guide her elimination diet was written by a well known functional medicine doctor, recognized as one of the top leaders of integrative medicine; his name is Dr. Leo Galland & you can learn more by reading his book, The Allergy Solution.

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