Episode 3: Holistic Healthcare & Western Medicine

One of the most requested topics we received when we announced we were starting a podcast – In this episode we discuss the difference between western and holistic medicine modalities.

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You guys have asked:


What type of doctor should I see?

Is my primary care doctor actually listening to me?

Are Naturopaths and Integrative Functional Medicine Physicians worth the cost?

… In this episode, we’re diving into the differences between Holistic/Integrative/Functional medicine versus Western Medicine and what you can expect from a visit with your primary care physician.

But, keep in mind – you are the guardian of your own health and you need to show up prepared in order to get the most out of it – no matter which type of physician you choose to see.

Start by seeking out a physician covered under your insurance plan to decrease cost and see what baseline lab work and tests you can have done.

If you’re struggling with additional symptoms that aren’t being addressed you can seek out additional help (but keep in mind – you may have to pay higher out of pocket costs) when seeking out Holistic/Functional/Naturopathic Care.

You can start searching for a functional medicine practitioner in your area by utilizing this resource: https://www.ifm.org/find-a-practitioner/

& you can always refer back to Yelp for user submitted reviews based on their experiences with that individual doctor.

We can’t encourage you enough to seek out a ‘wellness visit’ before you’re sick.

… You should know your baseline when you’re at your HEALTHIEST – that way you have information to compare to if you start having symptoms later on.



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