Episode 2: Preventative Health Simplified

The first episode kicked off introducing ourselves – who we are as critical care nurses – and why we care so much about preventative health.

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In this episode, we do our best to simplify the definition of preventative health and discuss simple lifestyle changes you can make to SIMPLIFY your daily life. Prevention should improve your overall health – without overcomplicating your life.

Here’s the New York Times article that fueled this discussion, it’s titled ‘Preventive Care Saves Money? Sorry, It’s Too Good to Be True’ … We share our opinions around it within this episode. (( spoiler alert – we don’t agree.))

Prevention starts with you.

You’re responsible for your health.

We truly believe this.

Here are a few other facts we shared during the episode, sourced from NIH.gov

– 33.9% of adults 18 and older in the US are pre-diabetec

– by 2050 1 out of every 3 americans will be diabetic

– Serum Hemoglobin a1c  of 5.7-6.4 is considered pre-diabetic

– Serum Hemoglobin a1c of 6.5 or greater is diabetic

– Serum fasting glucose less than 100 is considered normal

– Serum fasting glucose of 100-125 is considered pre-diabetic

– 2 in 3 American adults (70.2 percent) are considered to be overweight or have obesity

Thank you for listening.

Laura Gluck BSN, RN, CCRN

Briana Reesing BSN, RN, CEN, MICN

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We are providing general information and are here to open up conversation on heath care related topics. The content found here is our educated opinions and, should you require medical assistance, we urge you to seek medical professionals who are equipped to give you the personalized care you need.

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