About Laura & Briana

With episode 12, you may have noticed a few things have changed. This podcast is no longer hosted by the two of us, as Laura has decided to step away. Our friendhsip remains strong & future episodes with the two of us may still be possible. But – you should know that things are changing.

Bri has decided to move forward with new co-hosts and interesting guests – we’re sure you’re going to love. you’ll meet each of them with the next few upcoming episodes releasing this October & we can’t wait to get started again after a long summer break.

In the meantime, though – If you’ve just recently discovered us on iTunes or Spotify and you’ve binged listened to the first 11 episodes. Here’s a little more about us and how the Critical Conversations Podcast came to be:

Hi, we’re Laura & Briana.

The hosts of the Critical Conversations Podcast &  we’re excited to share our passion for preventative health with you. Both of us have almost a decade of experience as critical care nurses caring for extremely sick and unhealthy patients.  Laura’s expertise is in Intensive Care and PACU recovery – Briana’s is in the Emergency Department, caring for all ages and all types of health problems at any given moment.

It’ because of our careers that we have developed such an extreme passion to educate and motivate anyone who will listen – that preventative health starts with the food on your plate, the thoughts in your head, the friends and community you surround yourself with, and the daily movement you choose.

We hope to inspire you to take care of yourself before it’s too late. & Then take the knowledge you discover and share it with your family, your friends, your community.

With your help, we hope to create a movement of health.

Preventative Health is our passion. Real Food is at our core and our medical knowledge gives us an edge on the health care crisis that a lot of people in the wellness industry don’t have.

We’ve seen how debilitating poor health can be and we want to have deeper conversations around the issues to make the necessary fixes simpler, the solutions more easily accessible and the reward of true healthy choices a reality for you.

Learn more about who we are individually over on our personal websites:

Briana blogs about real food and the importance of clean ingredients over at BeachLifeOrganic.com

briana reesing - co-host of critical conversations podcast

& if you have any suggestions or comments for our show – or you’re interested in being our next guest – Please don’t hesitate to reach out!

contact (at) criticalconversationspodcast (dot) com