About The Host

A different kind of HEALTH Podcast – Hosted by Briana Reesing, RN, BSN, CEN, MICN.

Briana has been an Emergency Room Nurse for almost a decade, and has seen, first hand – what most people in the health & wellness space – will never understand.

In her opinion – the American Healthcare System is incapable of educating, teaching, and preventing disease from happening. It’s a system set up to react to symptoms and prescribe medications deemed appropriate for your medical diagnosis. At most, your doctor will allow 10 – 15 minutes max, and then follow-up with you in a few months to see if it’s working for you.

The rest – is truly up to you.

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Podcast Episodes

Episode 031: Supplements, Multivitamins & The Difference Between Pharmaceutical Grade and Over the Counter, Part Two with Jennifer Klotz, MS, RD

Have you ever wondered why pharmaceutical grade supplements are so much more expensive? Or more importantly, are they even any more effective? Have you heard that ‘over the counter’ vitamin brands are exactly the same whether they’re generic or brand name? What about the multi-vitamin you’ve been taking … are you actually absorbing any of it, …

Episode 30: Vitamins & Supplement Quality. What to Look For + What to Avoid with Jennifer Klotz, RD

Branching off from the conversation we had in episode #022, all about the power of taking a high quality multivitamin versus a “bad” quality one that might actually be harming your health more than it’s actually helping you. That brief comment really sparked your interest and our inboxes were flooded with the following questions we promise …

Episode 29: Simple Solutions to Improve Your Health, Stress Levels and Digestion with Heather Young

Heather Young, 500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher & Certified Yoga Therapist – has a lot of experience working one on one with clients and helping them achieve balance in more ways than one. She might even have the solution to take your health to the next level – when it seems like Nutrition just isn’t …

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