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A different kind of HEALTH Podcast – Hosted by Briana Reesing.

Briana is an Emergency Room Nurse with a handful of certifications and letters behind her name. With almost a decade of experience taking care of very sick people in the hospital, she has seen what most people in the health & wellness space – have never seen first hand.

In her opinion – the American Healthcare System is incapable of educating, teaching, and preventing disease from happening due to the way it has been set up & overloaded with patients that are too sick and doctors that don’t have enough time. It’s a system set up to react to symptoms and prescribe medications deemed appropriate for your medical diagnosis. At most, your doctor will allow 10 – 15 minutes to followup with you in a few months to see if it’s working for you.

The rest – is truly up to you.

That’s where Briana’s passion behind her wellness blog beachlifeorganic.com & this podcast community comes in to play. She truly believes, from personal experience – that PREVENTION is key & educating yourself on the ‘HOW & WHY’  is the most important tool we have in our tool box. Most importantly – we need to start talking about it before it’s too late.

Briana is extremely passionate about Preventative Health after seeing death & disease affect the lives of too many people, first hand – too may times to count.  She even healed herself from her own debilitating autoimmune condition in 2016 after going on a strict elimination diet and refusing to take the long term prescriptions that would have covered up the root cause of her problems. She dives deeper into her personal story in episode 6. Listen on iTunes or Spotify or read more about it HERE.

She created this podcast as a platform to discuss all of the things you need to know about our healthcare system, why preventative health is so important to her – and what YOU can do about it.

Briana truly believes that your health is in your hands. It’s all about asking the right questions and taking action towards the things you’ve learned & creating the life you want to live.

It’s because of these things that she has experienced – in and out of the hospital throughout her career – that she wants to help inspire you to be your own biggest advocate, just in case no one else is listening to you describe the symptoms you know you’re experiencing.

Tune in to that. Listen to what your body is telling you and pay attention to how certain foods, supplements and medications are making you feel. Seek out preventative health measures by getting labwork done annually by scheduling annual exams with your doctor & show up each time – informed and ready to ask the right questions. Let’s loop our doctors in to what we’re learning too – if we speak up loud enough, they just might listen.

New Episodes release every MONDAY.  

Educate & Empower yourself. Inspire your friends & family to do the same. Briana wants to create a giant ripple effect around the message and power of PREVENTATIVE HEALTH – let’s do it together.

Join the conversation, join the community & never hesitate to submit any questions, comments or concerns you may have.

UPDATE: Monday Motivation emails are NOW happening with the launch of Season 2 in October, 2018.

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