Episode 3: Holistic Healthcare & Western Medicine

One of the most requested topics we received when we announced we were starting a podcast – In this episode we discuss the difference between western and holistic medicine modalities.

CCP Episode 003 – also available on the iTunes podcast app

We also announce an exciting event coming up in Phoenix, Arizona – April 29th, 2018 called SHE DAY . We will be speaking on a panel about our food freedom story & also doing a matcha latte demo at the start of the day.

Learn More & Buy your tickets here:  SHE DAY – PHOENIX

You guys have asked:


What type of doctor should I see?

Is my primary care doctor actually listening to me?

Are Naturopaths and Integrative Functional Medicine Physicians worth the cost?

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Episode 2: Preventative Health Simplified

The first episode kicked off introducing ourselves – who we are as critical care nurses – and why we care so much about preventative health.

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CCP Episode 002 – available as iTunes podcast

In this episode, we do our best to simplify the definition of preventative health and discuss simple lifestyle changes you can make to SIMPLIFY your daily life. Prevention should improve your overall health – without overcomplicating your life.

Here’s the New York Times article that fueled this discussion, it’s titled ‘Preventive Care Saves Money? Sorry, It’s Too Good to Be True’

… we’ve linked the article below and share our opinions around it within the episode. (( spoiler alert – we don’t agree.))

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Episode 1: Introducing the Critical Conversations Podcast

Welcome to the Critical Conversations Podcast

Hosted by two critical care nurses who are doing things differently.

You can listen to this episode from your phone by using the itunes app … get easy access by clicking on this link here:

CCP Episode 001 – available as iTunes Podcast


We’re here to discuss our healthcare system, why preventative health is so important to us and what YOU can do about it.

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