Episode 023: Skin Issues, Digestion & How Balancing Your Stomach Acid Might Just Be The Key, to Long-Term Health. Celery Juice Episode Part 2 with Jennifer Klotz

It’s about time we start paying attention to the symptoms and signals our bodies are sending us on a much deeper level. Skin Issues, Digestive Health, Heartburn, Nutrient Deficiencies … they’re all more closely related than we realize.

When you start paying closer attention to what your body is trying to tell you, you can get closer to discovering and even possibly reversing the root cause of the problem that has been developing overtime.

Lifestyle, Diet, Environment, Toxins, Stress … It’s all connected.

We dive into this, and so much more within episode 23 … it’s the perfect continuation and part two of the larger conversation from last week’s episode.

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Jennifer Klotz, RD is at it again with the incredible information, statistics, and simple solutions you can start taking action on right away. Here’s another AMAZING ARTICLE she’s put together for you to summarize some of the key points from this episode you might want to re-read again and again.


Have you ever considered how your daily food choices, & even your stress levels are diminishing your long term health by simply effecting something so seemingly insignificant as your stomach acid?

Low stomach acid is linked to poor digestion and heartburn, and treated with medications that can be doing more harm than good – but that’s just scratching the surface of the problem.

Diminished acid production has also been linked to a multitude of chronic health issues and symptoms that most people have probably experienced or are still experiencing today. -We dive deep into all of this and what you can do about it within this episode.

Last but not least – don’t forget to address the root cause of the problem from the inside out. That’s what we’re here to encourage you to do. No one is going to be able to look as deep into your health, your daily habits, and your stress levels as you are. We’re just here to help guide you along the way.


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