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About The Host

A different kind of HEALTH Podcast – Hosted by Briana Reesing.

Briana is an Emergency Room Nurse with a handful of certifications and letters behind her name. With almost a decade of experience taking care of very sick people in the hospital, she has seen what most people in the health & wellness space – have never seen first hand.

In her opinion – the American Healthcare System is incapable of educating, teaching, and preventing disease from happening due to the way it has been set up & overloaded with patients that are too sick and doctors that don’t have enough time. It’s a system set up to react to symptoms and prescribe medications deemed appropriate for your medical diagnosis. At most, your doctor will allow 10 – 15 minutes to followup with you in a few months to see if it’s working for you.

The rest – is truly up to you.

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Podcast Episodes

Episode 21: Simple Tips & Tricks for Healthier Holidays: Stress Less, Enjoy More. & Let Go of the “Weight Gain” Fear. Shocking Statistics Inside This Conversation with @SheChangesEverything

According to a recent survey –  88% of Americans report feeling “stressed out” for a multitude of reasons around the holidays. We hope to inspire you to cut yourself a break (& those around you) so you can enjoy every moment of your Holidays, without missing a beat of your new version of ‘Healthier Holidays’ …

Episode 20: Should Everyone Eat Gluten Free? The Health Impacts, Symptoms & Solutions You Need To Know About – with Brigid Titgemeier, MS, RDN, LDN

Continuing our last conversation from episode 16 with Brigid all about the imperative role our gut health plays in our overall health, mood, and well-being. This week – we’re focusing in on GLUTEN & why so many people are experiencing improved health once going “gluten free”, the right way. As the saying goes – “you …

Episode 19: Create & Cultivate Authentic Happiness From Within – With Amanda Huggins

The tone and theme of this episode is: kindness, simplicity and sharpening your inner perspective to cultivate happiness from within. We hope to lead YOU towards creating a happier life, a happier way of being, a happier way of perceiving the world around you, authentically. Enjoy the simplicity of your day to day. Listen on …

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